Feuerbach is an autodidactic artist, based in Cologne. During his childhood he made his first steps in music with singing in choirs, playing musicals and picking up the piano. At the age of twelve he started writing songs and playing guitar. He soon had a vision of where he wanted to go with his music. You can call him a Singer&Songwriter, but you will hear sounds which locate more to the Rock/Pop section. Since Feuerbach does not want to commit to just one language, he writes both English and German - „Any language is unique and contains beauty“. Traveling, living and working in many parts of the world he absorbed inspirations, people and cultures finding his very own style of songwriting on the road. Feuerbach stands for deep emotions in lyrics and sound. You can close your eyes and let yourself drift away in one of his ballads or dance and smile, while hearing his powerful upbeat songs. Growing up to the music of the Beatles, ABBA and Queen, he is now inspired by artists like The Animals, Awolnation, KALEO, Tash Sultana, Tame Impala or Royal Blood. His music is vulnerable, but full of love, truth and honesty. His past few years Feuerbach often describes as a crazy rollercoaster ride where he discovered his inner self and pictures his journey and adventures in his songs.